Over the past 4 years, I have been inspired greatly by Curriculum AUM.  As an artist working in the medium of Dance, I've explored creating work based on the Curriculum, creating short works performed at festivals and events held at Studio Anya.  This process spawned Project AUM - a platform for Artists to create based on the inspiration they receive from Curriculum AUM.  Project AUM is all about creating and telling stories through the lens of Curriculum AUM’s intuitive facutlies, and live performances are just one aspect of Project AUM’s creation process. A collaboration between Perceptions Dance and Studio Anya, Project AUM live performances aim to bring Curriculum AUM to life through contemporary movement.

In February 2013, Project AUM began gathering movement artists that are students and teachers of Curriculum AUM to formally explore the curriculum under the guidance of myself and Courtney Bauer - founder and creator of Curriculum AUM - to create evening length work titled "How to Be: a mind+body dialogue".   This work will premier at the Secret Theater in Long Island City, NY in April 2013.

Watch the video to see a clip of rehearsal for “HOW TO BE: a mind+body dialogue”

“HOW TO BE: a mind+body dialogue” is highly influenced by Curriculum AUM and it’s 19 Atmatypes.  “Atmatype” is a hybrid word created by Curriculum AUM, combining “Atman” (Hindu for the individual soul in reflection of Brahman) with “archetype” (a Jungian psychology phrase depicting the facets of the subconscious personality that re-appear again and again as universal characteristics). Atmatypes allegorize things like thoughts, moods, emotions and actions in order to highlight the re-occurring themes in humankind. Each one maintains a distinct voice & style and reflects aspects of our character that may be recognizable within our neighbors near and far.

"Life pushes our buttons and how we choose to respond shapes how our story unfolds. Knowing who (within) holds the lens may be a first step in understanding our reactions to any given situation. Luckily, we need only tap into the Wisdom Seat of our Essential Self to make authentic decisions that reveal our true nature." - Courtney Bauer

To understand the psychology of being human, Curriculum AUM examines gestures, stances, ambulation and overall postural alignment as a philosophy of movement.  Our body tells our story and to fully appreciate what it’s like to be awake and alive requires a vigorous investigation of the biographical and biological aspects of form.  Each of the Atmatypes, (aspects of the mind) partner with a corresponding Anatomical Assessment (aspects of the body) to initiate an on-going conversation and sanction a series of locations for the Mind + Body Dialogue to take place.   “HOW TO BE: a mind+body dialogue” explores these pathways through weight sharing, character exploration, interactive play and co-creative improvisation.  How can we be and exist here - between life's polarities? How can we find center - the space between - our emotions, our thoughts, our breaths, to create a peaceful, tranquil, healed version of ourselves?

Performance Info:

The Moving Beauty Series
Thursday April 18th, 2013
The Secret Theater
Long Island City, NY

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