Three of the four elevators in my building are out of service and it is an eternity before the fourth arrives.  I am pacing and mumbling and I have pressed the call button with increasing force maybe twelve times.  Finally the doors open only to stop at every floor between mine and the lobby while the elevator becomes so packed that I can scarcely breathe let alone move. 
We pile out into the lobby in clown car style and I rush to the corner to hail a cab.  But the demons of anti-punctuality have descended.  Eight unfruitful minutes tick by as I wave my arm frantically for a cab.  Just as I spot an available driver, another woman jumps in front of me and I find myself yelling at her.  Soft-spoken, mild-mannered me yelling at a stranger in the middle of the street.  I am horrified, yet exalted because I win the car.  I pile in and we are off.  The traffic is dense and uncooperative and any lingering bit of patience is somersaulting out of the cab window.  Moments later, the brakes screech as we narrowly miss a cyclist and the driver erupts with curses.  Automatic reflexes create a nearly inaudible gasp that escape from my lips and now his wrath turns to me for disrespecting his driving.  Nine blocks to go.  I think that a phone call warning of my tardiness is the least I can do.  But I look down at my six year old BlackBerry suffering from a loss of scroll function and I recall that there would be no possible way for me to complete this task.  At last we pull to the curb, I throw the cash through the driver's window and I sprint the remaining block.  One last eternity waiting for the slowest of slow elevators and I arrive.  Twelve minutes late.
Birds are chirping, there is peaceful ohm-ing and scents of baking wholesome deliciousness are wafting through the air.  Calm smiles and warm embraces welcome my frazzled self.  Instantly, my anxious buzz begins to dissipate.  I would not be startled to see a small unicorn prance by followed by a trail of sparkling butterflies.  What is this magical urban oasis of serenity and who are these higher level beings who seem to have evolved well beyond my species to a state of grace, unable to experience such base human emotions as stress and impatience?  And can I please take this feeling home with me?  I would like to weave it into every aspect of my daily life.  This is a gift I open myself to receive from Studio Anya-- to be able to carry this sanctuary with me through my life by cultivating an inner peace.