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“I am still learning.” - Michelangelo

No matter the era, it seems one thing we’ll never outgrow is the need for some good solid advice ...

The Sagebook offers practical wisdom for the Modern Day Seeker. Our online movement and mindfulness classes integrate the best of the best from East to West in a cutting edge formula for transformation and healing.

 Join The Sagebook to elucidate AUM within  (the place in our hearts where many of the ancient sages believe we already know the answers), get in touch with real core strength and C.ultivate A. L.iving M.editation (CALM).


Online Classes


Every class has its own unique twist. I especially loved the dance element that's incorporated.
Elsie W., Yelp
I particularly like Mods (which is described as like a pilates mat class). It's one of those classes that seems to start fairly easy but by the end I am usually dripping in sweat, shaking uncontrollably, and completely unable to balance on the damn ball.
Heather H., Yelp
Lila takes you through some ballet moves (not the intimidating sort), infuses a bit of yoga, & gets your heart rate up. I took this class for the first time last week & was surprised how much I enjoyed it for a non-coordinated person!
Jan O., Yelp



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