"Tension is who you think you should be. Relaxation is who you are." ~Chinese Proverb

The adrenaline response is a powerful red-alert system --designed for emergency use only. But what happens when 911 is on speed dial? Modern day frenzy has got us stuck in a sympathetic nervous system tizzy --leaving us on the edge and ready to fight or flee at the first sign of threat (especially ones to our ego defenses).

Whether it's a traffic jam or a mid term exam, life stresses us out, and throwing punches or sprinting from perceived danger are unlikely options. The fight/flight switchboard isn't known for its nuance. So where does the surge of adrenaline go? The cumulative build up of stress hormones in the body leaves a coating of sticky residue. And, consequently, our inner roadways experience heavy traffic. The end result: we lack an overall flow.

This echo congestion is particularly evident in the legs and can trigger a series of mini- fight-flight-freeze tendencies. From snapping at people to fantasies of escapism to cluttered thinking to chronically tight hamstrings and even Restless Leg Syndrome, the stress response takes a toll on our well- being. Torn between a hard -core workout to burn off the fumes or bed rest to combat exhaustion, this state of confusion can last for decades. Too agitated to take a nap and too tired to work out, it's tough to know what to do. In order to break the cycle, we must first realize that hitting the wall vs. complete complacency are not the only ways to change gears.

Entertain the concept of "willfull willingness" -- a soft discipline with tantric roots that strengthens our capacity for inner peace. Create a discretion dial to adjust the levels of challenge and ease in all the being/doing elements of daily life. S.hake O.ff S.tress, H.armonize E.nergy A.nd L.ight, C.ultivate A. L.iving M.editation. Begin today.

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Written by Courtney Bauer
Movement Philosophy