As I continue to explore my practice at Anya, I am at the same time progressing into the later stages of my pregnancy. And from day-to-day physical changes and new challenges are made apparent. Still, knowing this body is a healthy home, a safe haven, providing a nourishing environment for my already bouncing baby boy is empowering. But the physical manifestation is also the result of an organic, ongoing mind+body dialogue, facilitating this profound miracle!

There is no place I am more profoundly aware of this connection and in tune with the conversation than during my practice at Anya. For me, it is often harder to conceptualize the mind movements without becoming encumbered by them. Sometimes it is even easier to tune them out. But I need only enliven my hands and ground my feet, engage the ribs and empty the triangle (only ever so slightly now) to tune in.  My movements are more deliberate, my focus is sharper and my strength much greater! Being mindful of the breath and practicing a dynamic meditation incorporating these faculties are really great tools for me. The lines of communication are open and the conversation is clearer.  I am in my head, but out of my own way. And, I am adapting these skills beyond the reformer, the chair and the wall.

Preparing for baby requires much more than the nursery basics. The mental and emotional component can’t be neglected here, either. Sometimes, as my hormones wreak their havoc, nausea or exhaustion weigh heavy, I can feel disconnected, out of sync and out of sorts.  Coming back to my breath brings me back to myself and can help clear the confusion. With this focused awareness, mounting anxieties and growing check-lists suddenly seem less overwhelming and more comprehensible. Practicing simple meditative techniques or just paying attention and setting an intention, can help me to be more deliberate in my actions, sharper in my focus and stronger in my constitution, beyond the reformer, but as a (soon-to-be) mother. If I can begin to understand how to open those pathways for communication I can establish a healthy inner dialogue and be a S.A.G.E. (S.ensitively A.ware G.ently E.volving) model for my son.

This Curriculum is really cultivated from the inside out. A physical practice and thoughtful study and discourse, incorporates movement and meditation as its cornerstones. The philosophy encourages growth and deeper exploration in both mind and body. And that’s just what I’m working on…


Written by Christie Anderson

Body Banter