Oh Anya, I was sitting in a library minutes before arriving for the weekly session, studying medical terminology. I wished for a bit more time with the books but my hips were quite sore from the previous three-day Thai massage training I had led and mentally I needed the "workout" knowing that it might be the one and only time of the week that I would be led through the traversing wonders of my bodies: physical, mental, and spiritual.

Early in the day, my biology teacher had shared hs research in the effects of drinking coffee in the morning and the consequence it might have on an evening of physical excursion. He said the coffee blocked some metabolic action of the liver releasing energy and suggested that being light headed and exhausted was a result of the consumption of coffee.  I had had two cups thus far.

I arrived to the joy of working on the chairs.  They are unforgiving and exciting in that one must surely pay attention to the push/pull aspect, as well as the breath in order to not topple over or push the equipment across the floor. I like the chair.  I like the visual of the feet on the pedal; I like the cues of length and strength in what feel like familiar but seemingly new poses and shapes.  There was something about the pulse around my sit bones and the ache in my sit bones dissipated. It's dynamic and alive. And then I felt light headed and flushed with weakness. Pause. Breathe. I felt like a law of attraction, I was reenacting the words of my teacher and I wondered if I should have stayed in the library with my books and my sitting, reading pose. I am here now I thought.... And off we went to the wall.

The wall is like a ballet class I avoided when I realized we had to wear tights. I don't like it. It shines its bright lights on all my weaknesses and imbalances; the imperfections seem to live with me in that wall. But I stood tall. Somewhere twice along the way, my body almost gave way to a fainting, light-headed feeling and the bar was my only safety not to fall on the ground.   I did not stumble but my legs felt unsteady and I waited for this section to pass.  Luckily it was the last ten minutes and while we weren't in tights, I was glad for this rotation of Anya to finish so that I could sit and collect myself.

Maybe I'll stop drinking coffee in the morning?