It was a simple instruction on the Reformer: Reach out through the base of the big toe, activate the baby toe - reach it out to the side and perhaps back a bit.  In response, I felt the adductors blink and wake up. Or was it Sartorious? Whichever muscle or group of muscles that are responsible for inner rotation sprung into action. My legs worked more at ease within their natural frame lines.

The instruction was pocket sized - an easy visualization to bring along with me on my next run.  While mid-stride, I pictured the base of the big toe leading as the baby toe opposed it to create more width.  It almost felt as if my toes were guiding my legs forward through space.  By broadening the toes out to create a wide cushion for the foot fall, the efficiency of my legs definitely improved tenfold.
The streets were quiet.  The air temperature was perfect.  Fung Wah Buses were still asleep in their depot. Containers moved from A to B in the Brooklyn Marine Terminal. The ocean air was salty sweet at the end of the Louis Valentino Pier in Red Hook.  And I gladly continued running with this tiny piece of knowledge I carried with me from Pilates class.
Written by Alec B
Body Banter