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St. Theresa of Avila

Born March 28, 1515 | Died October 4, 1582
Prominent Spanish mystic, Roman Catholic saint

Famous Quotes:

"Be gentle to all and stern with yourself."

"All things must come to the soul from its roots, from where it is planted."

"God gave us faculties for our use; each of them will receive its proper reward.Then do not let us try to charm them to sleep, but permit them to do their work until divinely called to something higher."

"Our body has this defect that, the more it is provided care and comforts, the more needs and desires it finds."

"To have courage for whatever comes in life - everything lies in that."

"Pain is never permanent."

"Learn to self conquest, persevere thus for a time, and you will perceive very clearly the advantage which you gain from it."