In today’s homework take advantage of a little bit of your seated time. Whether you are at the table eating dinner, stuck in a cab or spending a moment on the toilet you have an opportunity to do some figure eights.

Figure eights can be helpful in mobilizing the hips, protecting the spine and giving yourself a gentle internal massage. In whatever seated position you find yourself, plant your feet and begin rolling and swiveling the hips any way that feels good to you. Do this for 30 seconds then begin making figure eights by swooshing around the from the front to the back of the right hip then cross center on the diagonal to the front edge of the left hip. Next loop around to the back of the left hip and cross to the front diagonally to the front of the right hip making a figure eight or an infinity symbol. Do 8 to 16 of these at different speeds, directions and sizes.

Switching gears, individually roll the shoulders up back and down – sassy shoulders – eight each shoulder.

Next do a set of 8 figure eights while doing sassy shoulders, letting the waves ripple through your body in all directions. Now you have warmed up your ribs, hips and shoulders.

Good job! Hopefully you have released some tension and are breathing more restfully. If you don’t have time for all three steps, do the step you need in the moment.

See you next time.