The Beginning: A Journal Entry
>When it comes to fitness, you could say I’m full of intention but lack attention. That’s why I’m drawn to Courtney Bauer’s multi-faceted curriculum at Studio Anya, and her philosophy on “getting in shape.” While we aren’t all meant to be a particular shape--like a circle or a square, we should each determine what “in shape” means to us, and work to manipulate our physical (and mental!) selves to get there.My best intentions and lack of attention span have drawn me to all different types of fitness plans, from juice cleanses (I prefer Organic Avenue) to aerobics (Tracy Anderson is in a league of her own), long walks outside, Pilates, Yoga (still figuring this out) and more, and more, and more.

I’m currently attending a weekly semi-private Pilates circuit taught by Courtney, and meeting with her personally for some Reiki/Touch Work. In between these projects, I’ll drop in to classes to see what else Anya has to offer, and I’ll document my experiences along the way. The wide range of classes and practices help keep my mind interested, while teasing new muscle groups and redefining what shape I’d like to be.

Where much of the Sagebook speaks to the devoted Yogi or teacher in training, I’m basically a beginner and speaking to all of you from a place of personal experimentation. I may not know the correct name for an Asana that I want to describe, and I might not be be able to achieve many of the poses I attempt along the way, but I am totally willing to share this personal and interpersonal experience with you. Like most of us, I have some aches and pains, some inflexible areas and some points of weakness. In this blog, I may say something is hard or that it hurts; I may celebrate a victory that you personally achieved years ago in your own practice. And that’s okay. My goal is to keep my posts honest, as well as relatable to the any-Yogi out there--whether you are an old pro or a dubious beginner like myself. At Studio Anya, there’s room for everybody: my body, your body, anybody. Thanks for bearing with me on this journey, and for sharing any thoughts or questions that you may have along the way.