Having recently flown across the entire country, I can attest that flying in an airplane is a multi-dimensional experience. On the macro level, the airplane is dwelling in this in-between space between earth and sky, above the clouds and below the stars, initiating awe and some bit of terror. On the micro level, you are stuck in a tiny seat with a bunch of other people and you can’t even get yourself a glass of water. Which pretty much just initiates frustration and claustrophobia. The airplane becomes a midpoint between expansiveness and congestion.

Rather like an Anya class. Only, the studio becomes the expansion and New York City the congestion; and somehow, as an individual in class, you become the midpoint between, the link that reconciles the terror and awe of the unknown with the frustration and delight of movement.

It’s easy to be swept away by both the positive and the negative aspects of things, to get caught up in the labels and forget the things themselves. Some days, your warrior poses will feel strong, grounded, beautiful, and the next you are unbalanced and unfocused. And some days, you feel everything at once. But in the end, your warrior pose is not about how it feels on a given day. It is about you choosing to do a warrior pose.

Essentially, in a world often difficult to navigate and understand, Anya teaches that you are the midpoint, the point at which all the intricacies of your own life converge. And therefore, you are the solution to every obstacle you face, whether it’s the obstacle of navigating airline travel with grace or the obstacle of shaping a beautiful and strong warrior pose.

(Image source: Iamkimiam)