Mini Challenge: Grounding the Feet

As I mentioned in my introductory post, I may have victories in my practice that seem no big deal to the average bear, I mean Yogi. I may also have challenges that seem rudimentary.

Wendy Gendanken, "Yoga Toes"

Currently I’m struggling to ground my feet in an even, Courtney- and Johnson-approved manner. My middle toes don’t want to align with my knees, and my whole leg-lines go askew. Here’s a mini lesson defined by Courtney for how to visualize correctly grounding my feet to begin addressing those issues:

The motion needed to ground my feet isn't a torque that causes my lateral blade to sickle (picture: pulling your pinkie toe so hard that it comes straight up, bringing half the outside edge of the foot up with it, causing a twinge in the ankle and sending the knee knocking inward). It's a stretch starting deep in the sole center of my foot and spreading east and west only. (Visualize: standing arms akimbo, your elbows center flee,straight away from one another on the same plane). When done correctly, your feet should look normal, not pulled or twisted.

Written by Laura Norkin
Body Banter