this will be my little corner of universe where i'll traverse the teachings of centuries and days old. where i'll blend the stillness i find in motion and the inspiration i derive from Anya. i'll find a way to play with the vernaculars of said AUM curriculum (though i really don't want this to be a cerebral provocation)-- this is  about a journey within and without.

i found Courtney Bauer 2.5 years ago. i arrived in Studio Anya's doorway, curious and surprised by the lighthearted-genuinely sympathetic people bustling around trying to "not attain enlightenment" but to be true and present in what we call "the work" so i'll be mindful to define and reiterate the place holders that Anya provides for the teachings passed through oral, written, and physical tradition.  Anya is a vortex of healing.  it is a place to discover your inner child, your guru (light), and experience the gifts that the universe provides... the only criteria for you to play, is to show up.  then "the work" is no longer work... its becomes the possibility of Attention and Intention = AI = LOVE


Written by T'ai Jamar Hanna
Body Banter