"There are over 40 billion cells in a human body. And each and every of the cells functions separately in the body. If we expand them, they would reach beyond the scope of the universe." ~Rev. Sun Myung Moon


What is an A.natomical A.ssessment?

Curriculum AUM poses abstract questions like: where do the Atmatypes live in the body and what do they have to say? Agreed, this query sounds totally New Age, but actually, discussions about the nature of the Mind + Body organism date as far back as The Classical Period.  The scientific study of human behavior, commonly known as Psychology, evolved from both philosophy and biology as an exploration of the psyche or soul.

Organized in 22 faculties, Anatomical Assessments are the featured location of the mind + body dialogue and the gatekeeper for Mind + Body Awareness, Fitness and Healing. To honor all the parts within the whole, each Anatomical Assessment is visualized by a model of points and represented by a main marker point(s) which acts like a state capital for the region. Focus begins with the infrastructural framework ascending from the feet to the crown of the head, down the spine in to the organs, spiraling inward to the intrinsic musculature and outward to the fascial networks, moving full bodied with the breath to the chakras, heart and beyond.

In the Core and Inner Stories (F1-12), for example, we take a bottoms up approach to align the foundational elements in the bones. As if custom-designing a bamboo scaffold to protect the renovation process, we proceed in a modular system of exercises to invoke a safe environment for inner work. We begin with microcosms of the hands and feet to set the intention of wholeness in a process based in incremental immersion. One- by- one we re-configure the architecture of the legs, hips, ribs, shoulders, arms, neck and skull in order to purify the vessel in preparation for more visceral energetics to follow.

Each of the 22 anatomical assessments function like a tool kit and include a tag phrase slogan like Enliven the Hands to set the overall goal for the Mind + Body Dialogue, a mobilization exercise called a Purposeful Fidget to deepen Mind + Body Awareness and a mindfulness exercise called a Toner to cultivate Mind+ Body Fitness and Healing. Ranging from the silly to the serious, Anatomical Assessments are an experiential exploration of the human body in a profound and personal course of study; we call AUM on the go!